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Our Mission

Pro Player Skills Camp’s mission is to provide fundamental skills, outstanding instruction, and life lessons. Our goal is to connect young athletes with high-profile professional athletes for a memorable day, which encourages continued passion and dedication.

Founded in 2017, Pro Player Skills Camp is a sports camp experience like no other. Campers will receive hands-on fundamental training from today’s NFL stars, as well as current and former NBA, MLB, and MLS stars.

Pro Player Skills Camps are for athletes who want to develop their fundamental athletic skills. We aim to provide outstanding instruction, skill development, and intense competition to prepare the camper for athletic competition. Pro Player Skills Camps are sport-specific day camps that are headlined by an athlete who possesses a unique skillset.

We are passionate about working to establish day programs that will make kids better, promote a deeper love for their sport, and build comradery while also delving into the struggles and challenges athletes encounter on their way to the professional level.


Pro Player Skills Camps will be receiving significant exposure throughout the Florida, New York, and Texas metropolitan areas over the summer months. All camps will be highly publicized via print and social media influencers throughout the United States to ensure appropriate attendance and to help raise awareness for the Youth Concussion Protocol Coalition.

Pro Player Skills Camps will donate 10% of all profits to the Youth Concussion Protocol Coalition in an effort to ensure that safety in today’s youth sports programs is mandated and adhered to throughout the United States. As a unique camp experience, we look forward to partnering with companies that are looking to directly impact our roughly 2500 participants through the camps (and even more throughout the United States via raised awareness through the Youth Concussion Protocol Coalition program).

Sponsorship reach will exceed 20x traditional outreach methods via our partner, SociallyMined, who will micro-target key relevant social media influencers to amply sponsor involvement, increasing ROI.


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We’re bringing together great athletes of today with athletes of the future.

Pro Player Skills Camps will be available in Miami, New York, Dallas and Oakland metropolitan areas over the summer months of 2017.   View Upcoming Camp Clinics Learn About our Coaching Clinics