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Pro Player Skills Camp Launches with Major Sports Stars

Pro Player Skills Camp Launches with Major Sports Stars
The LLC aims to create a productive training environment for young athletes

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl – Respected sports agent and former college football standout L’Quincy Pryor has launched Pro Player Skills Camp, LLC, which aims to provide superior athletic instruction for young athletes across the U.S. The move comes as MLB has begun its season, the NFL readies for the incoming draft, and as the NBA and NHL prepare for playoffs.

The aim of Pro Player Skills Camp is to aggressively encourage fundamental skill building in the corresponding sport camp over a 2 or 3-day period. They are sport-specific day camps that are headlined by an active position player for their respective professional team. “We are connecting these young athletes with the people who are doing it–the stars of today’s pro sports. It’s making this one thing that can feel very out of reach, accessible to a 10-year-old,” Mr. Pryor said. “This is an experience that can be life altering for some of the young adults that come to our camp. It’s encouraging them to do things the right way… If a Super Bowl Champion like Trey Flowers tells you to eat right and listen to your coaches at practice every day, it means something.”

Founded in 2017, Pro Player Skills Camp provides campers with hands-on fundamental training from today’s NFL stars, as well as current and former NBA, MLB, and MLS stars. The camp hopes to attract both athletes and coaches who want to develop their fundamental athletic skillsets via outstanding instruction, a positive environment and intense competition.

The roster has already begun to fill up for their clinics in early June in Florida, Arkansas and Ohio, with stars such as Cardale Jones, Trey Flowers, Jevon Kearse and more. “This is a unique and special training environment. The attendees get specialization training at their position from a pro. If you’re a linebacker or a center, you need to learn the game from that perspective,” said Cardale Jones

The proceeds from the camps will be used to create the Youth Concussion Protocol Coalition to bring awareness of head trauma in youth sports. Pro Player Skills Camp will continue to leverage some of the leaders in pro sports to bring a new voice to training and athletic competition. The senior management team intends to add more camps across the country as demand continues to increase. Interested players, coaches, and venues should reach out to learn more.


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